How You Can Help

Parents are valuable partners at Monticello! As our partners in education, we encourage our parents to volunteer for their child’s and the school’s success. There are many ways for you to volunteer, and we appreciate and need your help and talents. Please don’t hesitate to talk with your child’s teacher or the principal about how you can be a special benefit to Monticello’s students.

Attention: Please log the hours you assist your student from home as “Volunteer Hours”!

Volunteer Information

Every volunteer must complete a volunteer packet, available from the office. We will utilize this information to determine the best niche possible for your talents and skills. We require a background check for volunteers who will be with students in an unsupervised environment. We will provide volunteer training.

Volunteer Activity List

Here are some ways you can help us make our school great:

  • Board meeting attendance
  • Board ad hoc committees
  • Learn about Montessori education
  • Read aloud with children at home
  • Book fair volunteer
  • Classroom donations ($5 equates to 30 minutes)
  • Classroom volunteer
  • Extracurricular club volunteer
  • New family volunteer
  • Field day assistant
  • Field trip chaperone
  • Library volunteer
  • Outdoor maintenance
  • PFA meeting or activity
  • School donations ($5 equates to 30 minutes)
  • School maintenance
  • Work-at-home volunteer
Volunteer Do’s and Don’ts Guidelines
  • Talk in a quiet voice.
  • Please do not help children with their work. We are trying to build independence. Your children may show you their work, but please resist the urge to assist or correct.
  • Do not use this opportunity to discuss your child with the teacher. Schedule an appointment before or after school.
  • Do not disturb children who are working.
  • Maintain confidentiality.